RIB LOGAN Terms and Conditions of Charter

General: Charles Hood undertakes to transport divers/passengers to and from the agreed site(s), to deploy and recover safely snorkelers/divers from the water and to provide standard safety and back-up facilities. Charles Hood does not undertake to provide advice planning or recommendations relating to diving practices. It is the individual responsibility of divers to dive/snorkel within the limits of their own training and experience.

Booking: Rib Logan is not considered booked until the agreed deposit has been received. Provisional bookings by phone or e-mail will be held until invoiced and then for 48 hours pending receipt of the deposit. Every person making a booking for or on behalf of a company, club or group warrants and confirms that he/she has the authority of that individual(s) and that each person agrees to be bound by these conditions. It is the responsibility of the charterer to ensure that all members of the group are familiar with the terms and conditions.

Deposit: The deposit will be paid in full at the issue of invoice. Payment may be made in cash or by Bank Transfer (please email for bank details).

Payment of balance: It is the charterer’s responsibility to ensure that the balance, is paid in full, four weeks prior to the day of the charter or if mutually agreed in cash on the day of the charter before departure.

Cancellation policy: In the event of a customer cancellation Charles Hood will make every effort to resell the charter and if able to do so will refund money paid less any expenses incurred. If we are unable to resell the charter the following will apply:

.           Up to 16 weeks prior to charter: loss of deposit

.           Four to 16 weeks prior to charter: 50% of charter fee payable

.           Less than four weeks prior to charter: 100% of charter fee payable

If owing to circumstances beyond the control of Charles Hood it is necessary to cancel the charter, such as bad weather, a full refund will be given; except with any vouchers, which can be used at a later date.

Termination after departure: if for any reason the charterer requests ending the trip at anytime following departure then no refunds will be made.

Vouchers: can be used on any available trips as full or part payment but are non-refundable. Vouchers can be used up to 24 months from the date of purchase.

Insurance: Charles Hood and/or his agents are fully insured for bodily injury or accident to passengers on board to a maximum of £3,000,000 (three million pounds sterling). This insurance does not cover passengers who are away from the vessel while engaged in diving or other water sports or activities. Charles Hood cannot accept liability for loss or damage to personal property including camera and diving equipment and that equipment left on the boat overnight is at the owner’s risk.

Safety: The ultimate decision regarding the safety of the vessel, its crew and those on board rests with the Skipper. The final decision in relation to the suitability of the weather for sailing or diving operations will be made by the Skipper alone. The Skipper may cancel or amend the trip at any time if he believes the conditions are, or are likely to become unsuitable for the proposed charter.

Diving/snorkelling charters: The charterer shall provide sufficient, HSE Contractors, instructors and/or other competent persons to supervise all in-water activities and the use of diving equipment and shall be fully responsible therefore. Charles Hood and/or his agents shall not be responsible for any accident or injury caused to any person or persons arising out of snorkelling/diving or use of any equipment. It is the charterer’s responsibility to ensure that the dive sites chosen by them are suitable for the members of their group given their current level of training, experience and fitness. The Charter Party shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with all matters arising from the Wildlife and Country Act, Merchant Shipping Act, the Protection of Wrecks Act and any legislation regarding the laws of salvage.

Changes to proposed Itinerary: Charles Hood and/or his agents reserves the right to amend the scheduled charter in any way they consider appropriate due to adverse weather or any other conditions. They also reserve the right to alter prices in accordance with any major changes in cost which may occur between the time of booking and the time of departure.

Risk Assessment: It is important that all passengers read the risk assessment, click here

Any deputes will be subject to English law.